Mat at work Who
Founded by Mathew Citrenbaum, an artist who defies definition, BENTFORMS offers production, consulting and project assistance for a wide range of applications and needs.

Established in 1994, BENTFORMS brings to each project years of invaluable experience. Mat has created custom jewelry for many satisfied clients over the years. He has also designed and produced his own line of jewelry for retail as well as high quality production logo jewelry creating an unexpected niche with his CKY Jewelry Line. Mat oversees production from the initial design stage to the very end of a project presenting unique creative solutions until an idea is worked to it''s full design potential.

Teaming up with Philadelphia CAD wizard Doug Bucci, BENTFORMS provides state of the art CAD and 3D mockup services for prototypes. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3-D CAD rendering is worth millions.

Diverse Skills
Mat was awarded his first patent in 2002 for an ergonomic tool grip and has more designs pending. "My ongoing obsession with modifying things to better suit my needs or customizing stuff that people bring me to alter inspires me to create things from tools to house wares. I often alter completely unrelated objects until they take on a completely new function. This is the fun work for me and requires me to horde a huge inventory of "crap"; Broken stuff and parts from parts of all kind of things. I can always find a perfect part to re-appropriate within my collection."

"On occasion I design and build custom workspaces and displays from this inventory for my own work as well as my clients. I prefer to alter preexisting objects to create an environment as meaningful and stylish as the subject," Mat explains. This "found" style has been widely sought after by retailers who have commissioned display cases and furniture from the artist.

New Ideas
Through these successful explorations into new interests, Mat has added greater depth to his work and made an indispensable resource for those looking for consulting on design problems. As a jeweler, design consultant, specialized handyman, inventor, and obscure repair/restoration junkie, a client can expect a unique experience from a creative mind who seems to feed off the challenges put before him. From designers and illustrators, to woodworkers and CAD engineers, the pool of talent at his fingertips allows him the freedom to take on any project with confidence.

Passing It On
As a teacher, Mathew Citrenbaum reveals this knowledge in clever, results-oriented instruction. Mat adds, "My primary goal for a new student is immediate results. A first time student can expect to produce a sterling silver ring in under 3 hours. My advanced students are guided through a technical progression encouraging them to design beyond their skills." Mat prefers one-on-one time to focus on a student''s individual technical and design needs which provides him the opportunity to inspire collective growth. Some of Mat''s students have been with him since his first class in 1994. They rely on his "lets try it" style of unconventional technical solutions in the studio.

The Future
Mat will never fail to meet a challenge head on. The stranger the request, the more Mat digs his heels in to find the most creative solution. Look for an ever expanding catalog of fascinating items. Got an idea? Let us know.'