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"I enjoy painstakingly repairing something that should really be sent to the dump. I'll carefully disassemble, glue, screw, solder etc. parts back together or remake missing parts in the appropiate material. Often times making the piece more sturdy and useful than the original.

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When it comes to jewelry it's a strange challenge to reverse whatever impact or action disfigured the piece using innovative tool strategy and hand manupulation before resorting to more aggressive techniques which may be inevitable. From turning cheap broken sterling jewelery into thick sturdy (last forever pieces) using as many parts from the old piece or remaking decorative elements to balance out the new construction. Also carefully attempting to fix costume jewelry letting it be known to the customer that this may be a lost cause. Especially if it has been repaired before. Sometimes I'm not sure if I can do it until I actually pull it off, but at this point I know what not to do. Teaching has presented me with so many problem solving opportunities where I'm entering mid-project and bailing someone out of disaster with a trick that could only be pulled off with years of experience."

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