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Easel Repair - "This easel was trashed (see easel below) - age and abuse got to it and too many glue attempts with the wrong adhesives at the main structural pivot point so that when it finally collapsed it broke the rest of the connections. First thing, was to re-build this central pivot which held the back leg on to the easel. So I broke all the old glue seams, chiseled away the old glue, and ended up with the fragments shown here:

Before After

Then I started to rebuild what would connect, then fill in the parts that were missing, file, sand, paint and assemble. There were parts missing that probably broke off years ago that I replaced and one metal part that I actually soldered back together. I then repainted the whole thing steelwool-ing parts to dull down the paint a little. the owner only knows that their easel is fixed and stands up more sturdy then before and probably has no idea about the replaced parts. But that's restoration."

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