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Jewelry - "The core of BENTFORMS is that I am a metalsmith / jewelry maker. I have my own line of diverse creations that have accumulated over the years. but mostly do custom work in silver or gold. I like to work with thick material to create treasures that will last a life time. whether utilitarian or adornment / ornamental I can provide with that "I'm the only one on this earth with this design" modern personal treasure. I design and create jewelry that is personal and has a look and life of it's own. My investigations in metal over the years have enabled me to develop my own style I construct, deconstruct, and combine to burden the metal until it's far removed from the raw material I began with. this method gives my work the quality of having been born, the delicate scars of the journey remain but the forms mature. From my pattern rings, cuttlefish casted originals and reproductions to the one of a kind creations, my work has a unique look to it. My studio is not a typical jewelry studio and it is set up to be a diverse work space where my traditional skills can be utilized with metalsmithing being a springboard into many different areas of creation."

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Please feel free to contact Bentforms with any questions or inquiries regarding any of our services. Bentforms takes pride in being able to accomodate most requests and if we can't, we may be able to recommend someone who can.

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Mathew Citrenbaum

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