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Center Pieces - "I was hired by a company to decorate the room and tables for their yearly client extravaganza held at the Camden Aquarium. This involved designing, building and setting up center pieces, room accents. I also coordinated a small staff of volunteer employees to arrange props, decorate the bar, catering areas and dj area with props and aquatic paraphanalia from fishing nets to inflatable sea creatures etc.

The 35 hand made center pieces were the hit of the event. They were constructed of beach paraphanalia and every rubber and plastic sea creature that we could order all attached with three dimensional works of art, others were made from sheet foam painted to look like little islands with beach and lagoon areas. They were decorated with shells, starfish, sanddollars, sea grass, sea weed and fish that I cut in half to create the effect of them poppig out of the water. Also on these center pieces were miniature shovels and buckets keeping every thing perfectly in scale. At the end of set-up the director of the aquarium said he had never seen anything like it with out baloons, flowers or scattering sand all over the tables. And being at the aquarium was the best aquatic theme decorating he'd seen... Also after the event there wasn't a center piece to be found, they were taken and (I later heard) fought over as if they were center pieces of exotic flowers."

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