Putting BLue On Display

Featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine, Philadelphia After Midnight, and Good Day Philadelphia, Blue has earned its spot as an extraordinary complement to Philadelphia’s beauty arena.

"I enjoy the collaboration with (BLue owner) Will on his spaces," explains Mat. "He is never looking for mass produced displays and furniture–he just says, 'Mat will come up with something.'"

Mat's most recent creation for the new BLue salon was an ingenious laundry shoot for the hair wash room. "It could have easily been some plain door with a hole cut into the floor so the used towels could drop into the basement," says Mat.

"I wanted to take it a little further then that–create something that matched the decor of the salon and was a bit more striking to look at. I cut a hole in the floor, rebuilt the inside of the existing cabinet and lined it with blue formica and clear acrylic. For the door, I got an idea I knew would make it a focal point in an already amazing room: I altered a laundromat dryer door that I had in storage to fit below the sink. Then, I installed blue neon on the inside so the door glows a vibrant blue. The circle also echos that of the BLue logo."

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