BENTFORMS Designs Store Interior For Jennk Boutique

BENTFORMS was asked to help create the interior of Jennk Boutique, a cool clothing and accessories shop in Huntington Valley, PA.

BENTFORMS' creative force, Mat Citrenbaum, worked closely with the boutique's owner, Jennifer Kaleck, to bring her vision to life. "Jennifer wanted to pull the design from the history of the building so I used wood pieces and other items from the architecture. This led to a lot of custom made shelves and other fixtures", explains Mat. Mat was also responsible for the design and construction of displays and other decor.

Building on the existing rustic wood floors and furniture the overall design brought the space a modern, inviting vibe - the perfect balance of style and function. Careful consideration was given to the size of the room to accomodate lots of display space and allow for the floor traffic of customers. Other highlights include a unique curved counter as the centerpiece of the room and triangular shelving. The overall experience is unique and artistic, a compliment to the clothing and accessories this boutique carries.