Mat Citrenbaum Awarded Patent For Skateboard Rack

Approved on August 16, 2005, this United States Design Patent is described as a "Rack formed from skateboard pieces" and "The ornamental design for a rack formed from skateboard pieces"

This marks Mat Citrenbaum's second Patent, the first being for an ergonomic tool grip. Mat on his new design: "It was an idea I had in my head for a while and when I built the prototype I got a lot of great feedback on it - a few companies are showing interest and it is just a product I would love to have, so I'm hoping others will like it too."

The new design is being called the "Sk8 Rack" and you can mount it on your old board (in place of the trucks), then just hang it on a wall as a coat rack. A great gift for skateboarding fans. Mat is currently exploring the possibility of mass-producing this new product.

For more info visit: sk8rack.bentforms.com