BENTFORMS Creates Jewelry Line For Rock Band CKY

The jewelry line, available for sale at the BENTFORMS online store, is officially licensed by the band and is already a hit among fans:

"I bought this pendant as a gift for my friend and it is absolutely beautiful.
I have both the cky small pendant and the cky large pendant and they are still in perfect condition just as they were the day I got them. Mat has made them flawless, no doubt. Every CKY fan should have one of his pendants around their neck. He has made us very happy CKY fans."

–Holly S. of Pelham, Tennessee

More testimonials from Mat's customers can be read here.

The band CKY, themselves, have been frequent customers of BENTFORMS, commissioning artist Mat Citrenbaum for all kinds of creative custom jewelry. "This line of logo jewelry seemed a natural progression for me - It's a great band and now they have this great merchandise that fans can have to enjoy", explains Mat. "I spend a lot of time researching and exploring production techniques until I'm sure that I can produce the highest quality pieces."

It is Mat's tireless attention to the details that comes forward in all of his creations -- be they one-of-a-kind custom pieces or mass-produced production jewelry.